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Well thanks to our man Clark for putting in a stupid amount of work so we can share our stupid songs haha! But seriously I think this kind of sharing is so beneficial to us all; it not only allows us to keep in touch on a musical level but it also provides us with a platform to gain a little bit of perspective on each others’ creative output in the recent months and over the years.

I must admit that I am pretty anal about putting music I made myself  out there, and I always worry that it not being of a certain quality or caliber means it will be ignored. This site/blog/song dump is the most comfortable place I have ever had to share songs and various creative musical output and I am ever so grateful for having it as such.

Thanks for listening you guys, and know that I enjoy hearing your stuff way more than I enjoy posting my own.


This is a song I wrote with help from my buddy Rayce Vietch; I feel like I’m just starting to find my voice so it’s a little rough but the song feels good to me so far and I hope you like it.

Clark Edit: I just wanted to embed this to make sure it works.

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  1. admin

    That was a really heartfelt blog post there J Dubb, I’d hug you if you were in my near proximity. I didn’t check this until the 14th so its safe to say I’m feeling the love on Valentine’s day.

    I really like this track. It reminds me of my favourite songs by Great Lake Swimmers but I think I like it better because: a) It’s about a lake where I hang out with my friends and b) no members of Great Lake Swimmers are close childhood friends as you are. Keep up the good work, you big old beauty.

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