Monthly Archives: February 2013

Wild Ram – Tails of the Sea

Me and Claudio just recently finished recording vocals for this track so I figured it was time to post it. As is the case with most tunes we’ve written it still feels a little rough around the edges but we had fun recording it and I think it captures our overall goal for the song pretty well, so time to move on to the next one (two more beauties coming soon).

Tails Of The Sea

Thanks for listening!

New Site

Well thanks to our man Clark for putting in a stupid amount of work so we can share our stupid songs haha! But seriously I think this kind of sharing is so beneficial to us all; it not only allows us to keep in touch on a musical level but it also provides us with a platform to gain a little bit of perspective on each others’ creative output in the recent months and over the years.

I must admit that I am pretty anal about putting music I made myself  out there, and I always worry that it not being of a certain quality or caliber means it will be ignored. This site/blog/song dump is the most comfortable place I have ever had to share songs and various creative musical output and I am ever so grateful for having it as such.

Thanks for listening you guys, and know that I enjoy hearing your stuff way more than I enjoy posting my own.


This is a song I wrote with help from my buddy Rayce Vietch; I feel like I’m just starting to find my voice so it’s a little rough but the song feels good to me so far and I hope you like it.

Clark Edit: I just wanted to embed this to make sure it works.

New Blog!

For whatever reason, the blogware we were running (B2Evolution) died on us. Not entirely sure why but I’m pretty confident it was your fault, Bryan (Kidding). Anywho, I wasn’t too upset because I’ve been meaning to switch over to WordPress for quite some time but haven’t due to laziness and procrastination and all that.

So, as you can see, I have finally gotten around to re-installing the blog. We lost all of our very important posts and comments but I’m sure we will survive. It will take some time to configure this beauty and, eventually, I will skin it so it is gorgeous. But for now we have to get everyone registered again which I am going to attempt immediately following this post. I’ll also have to figure out who to embed songs in blog posts or the whole purpose of this website (yes, there is one) would be lost.

Update: Embedded audio works in posts. Woohoo. <3 the plugin community.